Stellar Quoting

Role: Lead Designer
Product Space: Aviation, SaaS, Enterprise

Responsive SaaS app enabling private aircraft charter operators to quote their fleet to flying customers.


Problem → A modern, web-based tool for quoting private aircraft did not exist. Operators were using high friction tools like email, phone, spreadsheets and whiteboards to manage their fleets.

Solution → Provide an easy to use, web based app for operators. Saving them countless hours and stress for their fleet management. Allow them to send quotes from their phone.

Stellar Quoting


Started by interviewing internal customer success employees who had previously worked in the role of sales for charter operators.

Interviewed creator of legacy desktop app many of the charter operators used today but was no longer fulfilling their needs.
Completed discovery interviews with charter operators to learn why their current solution was not working for them.
Design artifacts were created using Sketch and Invision.

Stellar Quoting Persona

Stellar Quoting Flows

Stellar Quoting Desktop


Customers were delighted that they could now build and send quotes from their mobile devices.

On completion of the MVP, Stellar was successful in onboarding several new customers for the app.
Feedback was that it fulfilled their core needs for quoting with hopes for additional enhancements for individual edge cases in the future.

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