CA Mineral UI

Role: Co-Lead & Advisor
Product Space: Enterprise, SaaS

After building a design system for the API Management business unit in Vancouver, I was tapped by the VP of Design to act as a co-lead and advisor for the creation of the CA Technologies design system Mineral UI.


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Problem → Each business unit within CA had a different approach to design and UI. There was no unifying UI or UX if a customer were to buy products from different units within the company.

Solution → Create a single, unifying design language to be used across the company. In addition, a number of CA products allowed the customer to extend them on their own. Therefore, the design system was open sourced so customers could build on the UI in an easy and efficient way.

Mineral UI


Interviewed a large number of internal design and development leaders to come to a consensus approach that would work across the company. We were driving for adoption so wanted to make sure we were solving the the most important problems.

Interviewed a number of customers, across business units, to help decide on a technology that would make the most sense for the most customers. Also to validate if they would be open to using our component library to extend our applications.
Through the process we would run open demos at the end of each sprint where business unit leaders could see our progress and comment on it.
We setup a Zendesk support account to help track internal and customer requests as we built out the system.
A dedicated design and development team was setup in our Boulder, Colorado office.
The team was lead by myself and another design lead based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mineral UI

Mineral UI


The basic system was completed and launched after 6 months and internal teams started to use it right away when building their applications.

We continued to use the Zendesk support account to now respond to issues that arose with the real-world usage of the system by internal and external customers.

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