CA API Portal

Role: Lead Designer & Front End Developer
Product Space: API Management, SaaS, Enterprise

The CA API portal enables API owners to publish and monetize their APIs to developers.


Problem → A mature solution for API owners to publish and monetize their APIs to developers did not exist. Generally, API Owners relied on homegrown solutions for publishing their APIs which were neither user friendly or easy too monetize.

Solution → Create a self-serve portal where any API developer could sign up and request access to an API. Access and monetization of APIs was easily configurable by the API Owners. API Owners could easily publish documentation to enable developers to easily deploy their apps.

CA API Portal


Regular discovery meetings with large customers like Discover Card to uncover their pain points.

Regular co-design sessions with the same customers to validate the work we’d completed based on their feedback.
Usability testing remotely and in the field with multiple customers to validate the product.
Prototypes we're built using Balsamiq. Final designs we're coded up by myself in HTML/CSS using the API Management component library which I also co-developed.

CA API Portal Sketches

CA API Portal Flows

CA API Portal Wireframes


The CA SaaS API Portal was ranked as a leader for multiple years by Gartner.

It was one of the best selling products within the API Management business unit.
Was identified as an area of innovation within CA, repeatedly receiving growth funding year over year
Team grew from approx 10 to 50 people during my time there.

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