Stellar Customer Portal

Role: Lead Designer
Product Space: Aviation, SaaS, Enterprise

A portal for private charter operators to capture and manage trip requests from flying customers.


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Problem → There was no tool that enabled private charter operators to easily engage their flying customers. Operators needed to capture requests and manage bookings.

Solution → Provide an operater-branded portal for flying customers to request charter and manage their booked trips.

Stellar Customer Portal


Discovery interviews with operators to determine their primary pain points for attracting and managing customer trips.

Discovery interview with flying customers to determine the ideal flow for requesting a trip. What type of experience was required to pick one charter operator over another?
Validation of concepts with both operators and customers.
Design assets were created using Sketch and Invision.

Stellar Customer Portal Persona

Stellar Customer Portal Flows

Stellar Customer Portal Mobile


Upon launch of the Customer Portal MVP, several operators onboarded and started using it as their primary customer conduit.

Feedback from Operators was that they were seeing many new flight requests which they were able to more easily manage. No more phone and email.
Operators were generating new business because they now had an easier entry point for customers.
Feedback from customers was that they now had a central place to request and manage their trips which fulfilled their key pain point.

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