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Year in Review 2014

By admin on December 30th, 2014 in Updates

2014 was a year of change for me. I decided to make a move away from freelance client work to focus more on my own products. Although I maintained a little bit of client work, I was mostly successful in sticking to my new direction. On March 11th, I released the CSS3 Handbook which was my first eBook. It starts with the basics of CSS3 and moves into more advanced topics like animation and transitions. Launching my first book was a decent amount of work and I learned what not to do when I launched my second eBook on July 8th. Mastering Bootstrap is a guide to theming and selling your own Bootstrap themes. It was a more successful launch than the CSS3 Handbook and received great reviews around the interwebs. Writing, coding, and promoting these two products took up the majority of my time in 2014.

Aside from my books, I was able to release a new Bootstrap theme in June titled Griswald. It’s a minimal portfolio theme geared towards artistic types. I was also able to get Griswald and my other Bootstrap themes up for sale on some new marketplaces like Bootstrapbay and Gridgum. Later in the year I was also able to update all of my InDesign templates that sell on Creative Market and GraphicRiver to use the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud; these files were overdue for an update. Finally, I was happy to learn that I sold my first painting on This was particularly nice to see as I’d never sold a painting to anyone besides friends or family up until this point.

What’s up in 2015?

I’m never one to shy away from a challenge and being that we are at the beginning of the year, I’ve bitten off a large one for 2015. My ambitious goal is to design and release a new product every month for the entire year. This may seem like a crazy idea but I think I can do it and it will force me to keep the ideas small and straight to the point. Some of the product releases may be updates to current products to help me come up with twelve in all. I plan to do my best to keep the blog up to date with the status of each project. Here’s a preview of some of the ideas I’m currently working on:

Updates to Existing Files

I plan to update a number of my existing website templates to use Bootstrap; I may retire a few that are older and not suited to the framework.

Mastering Bootstrap Update

Coming in the first quarter of 2015, I hope to release an update to Mastering Bootstrap that will focus more on the development side. I plan to explain how to use Node and Harp.js to create a theme generator in your development workflow. If there are particular topics you’d like me to include or expand upon, please leave a comment.

Other Bootstrap Products

I’m also working on a new Bootstrap related product and email course that I hope to release in the first half of the year.

Other Projects

Aside from the Bootstrap projects, I’m planning on getting back into more drawing and painting to help keep the creative juices flowing through the year. I find stepping away from the screen and actually making things with your hands can help to eliminate creative block when it occurs. I also have plans to redesign this website to make it a bit more minimal so my products can be easily focused on.

Finally I have a couple ideas for new books which I may try to tackle later in the year. Writing and releasing a book in one month will definitely be a challenge! If you’d like to receive updates on my products, please feel free to sign up for my newsletter. The last thing I’ll mention is that I plan to be more active in providing awesome content to my newsletter subscribers in 2015. Here’s to another productive year of growth!

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