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Web Design for Beginners – What You Should Avoid

By admin on October 5th, 2017 in How to

There are many reasons why web design can be difficult. However, the greatest challenge of all is the different ways of approaching a problem. A lot of websites do not serve as a good example for beginners. Sometimes, quality brands can also make errors. Although there may be several web design mistakes, here are the top that are repeatedly made and need to be stopped:

Modals and Pop-Ups

This always happens. You want to read a blog post or news article, then click on the link but a huge modal pop-up window covers up the content. Where is the logic here? You are visiting the site because you want to read a particular article.

Modal Windows can spoil the mood of the viewer.

People who visit your site should read and enjoy what you offer. Do not ruin their purpose by directing them to another place. Whether a visitor likes the site or advertisements, they will just click and explore by themselves. Although modal windows are not bad on their own, placing them as the first thing people that see is a desperate and lazy thing to do.

Exceptions and Options

Although modal windows tend to be abused, they can be useful in some scenarios where it is not the best option to leave the current page. For instance, when there is a contact button on your site, it might not be helpful to leave the current page. Offering a modal window with a contact form lets visitors fill it out then go back to their most recent task.

Huge Amount of Text on the Home Page

Web design is a great way of combining text, images plus multimedia into one interactive experience. In this regard, it would not be wise to turn your site into something it is not, such as a pamphlet or brochure. When you want to market yourself or your business, you should not welcome your visitors with a huge wall of text on your home page. Just keep it simple, with a little explanation about the site. If they want more information, they will just search further.

Aside from being intimidating, a huge amount of text is not attractive at all. Text is essential to web design, but when abstracted as a visual component instead of something meant to be read, the page will seem to look rough. This can include lots of unwanted visual friction when you are driving to draw in visitors to learn more about your site.

Exceptions and Options

If you feel like putting lots of text on a page, you need to trim it, down then summarize parts of it. Next, divide the major ideas into their own segment, and if possible, add some illustrations / pictures.

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