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How To Get More Twitter Followers

By admin on February 9th, 2015 in Growth Hacking

I thought I’d give you an easy growth hack you can use to build your twitter followers. We’re going to setup a Buffer account, import a feed, schedule some posts and talk about the best way to organize your posts.†

If you don’t have a Buffer account already, go and sign up for one. Buffer is an awesome service that allows you to schedule posts for social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. They also provide you with analytics on your posts so you can see what’s working the best.

Next you’re going to need an RSS feed for a blog that’s related to the product, service, website, etc… you are promoting on your own Twitter account. Let’s say you have a blog about web design, then you would grab the RSS feed from a successful web design blog like Tuts+. Once you’ve copied the RSS feed, head back to buffer.

After you’ve signed up for Buffer and logged in, hook up your Twitter account. Next thing we want to do is import the feed. we copied in the previous step. Head to the feeds section for your Twitter account as shown below.


From here, hit the Add & Remove Feeds button. With the free plan you can only add 1 feed. The awesome plan, which is $10 a month, will allow you to add unlimited feeds. This is the plan that I currently use. Click that button and import your RSS feed. As shown in the image above, I’ve imported the feed for Tuts+. Now that you have your feed imported we can start filling our Buffer.

With Buffer we want to schedule some posts so you get in the habit of posting and you don’t have to remember to do it everyday. You just need to remember to keep your Buffer full. The free plan gives you 10 posts I believe, unlocking the awesome plan makes it unlimited.

You’re probably asking yourself how does this get me more Twitter followers? Let me explain. For every 5 posts you add to your Buffer, you want to make 4 of them from a respected web design blog like Tuts+. You want to piggy back off their high quality content to make yourself a trusted source of valuable web design content. The 5th post in your buffer should be a link to one of your own blog posts, a product, or a service.

This way you are mixing in your own content with content from a reputible source. When you are starting out, the best practice is to insert links to your own blog posts. Don’t try and sell to people right away. You need to build trust with your followers and show you aren’t just a spammer. Then you can slowly start to introduce links to products or services you’re selling.

I’ve been using this tactic for about a year and I’ve seen it help my follower count. In the last month since I’ve started using Buffer, I’ve added about 250 new followers at @cardeo.

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