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CSS3 Handbook Launches

By admin on March 12th, 2014 in CSS3 Handbook

Earlier today I launched the CSS3 Handbook. My first eBook is an introduction to CSS3, including all the basics to get started today. Check out the landing page for the eBook, or read below to learn more.

What Will I Learn?

The book starts with simpler CSS properties like border-radius, opacity, text shadow and box shadow. Once you’re comfortable with those chapters, I move onto more advanced topics like Transforms. Animations, and Transitions. There’s something for beginner, intermediate, and advanced front end developers in the CSS3 Handbook. Here’s a list of all the topics that are covered in the book:

Round Corners, Opacity, Text Stroke, Pseudo Selectors, Box Sizing, Text Shadow, Box Shadow, Web Fonts, Columns, Transitions, Animations, Gradients, and Transforms.

Do I Get Free Updates?

Yes, when the time comes to add more content, everyone who has purchased the book will get free updates for one year.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Of course! If you aren’t happy with the book for any reason, just contact me within 30 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money. In order to improve the book, I’d appreciate if you could tell me why you weren’t happy with it. However, there’s no obligation to get your refund.

How Much Does the Book Cost?

It comes in 2 packages:

The Complete Package – which is what I consider the full product – costs $39 and includes over 60 demo pages, all the supporting CSS files, and the eBook in .PDF format.

The Basic Package costs $19 and only includes the eBook in .PDF format.

Learn more about the CSS3 Handbook →

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