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Booterator now available in SASS

By admin on September 18th, 2015 in SASS

Earlier this year I put together a little front end boilerplate called Booterator. It includes harp.js which is a static site generator with built in CSS pre-processing. It also integrates Bootstrap and now SASS. The first version was built using Less. Go fork it at Github.

Booterator is designed to be a starting place for creating Twitter Bootstrap themes or websites. It speeds up production of themes as your template is already setup with the help of Harp.js. Bootstrap is already included, so you can start coding instead of assembling a project from scratch. Like I mentioned, Harp allows the use of HTML templating languages like Jade and EJS. What this means is you can use things like variables and includes/partials in your HTML files! This is an amazing feature because in the past you would’ve had to use something like PHP to accomplish that type of setup. Harp also includes a CSS Pre-processor compiler so you can use Less or SASS files instead of vanilla CSS. Once you compile your entire project, it will create a static version of the website in HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. There’s also a built-in Node web server so you can preview your project locally before deploying it. Speaking of deployment, the team behind Harp has another free service called Surge that will allow you to deploy your static website for free! Here’s a list of what’s include with the Booterator SASS Boilerplate:

  • Bootstrap 3.3.2 minified framework
  • Node.js & Harp.js integration to generate theme
  • SASS variable & mixin library
  • Starter SASS theme
  • Flat color palette


  • Bootstrap 3.3.2
  • Node.js
  • Harp.js
  • Less

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