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Announcing Bootstrap Site Blueprints 2

By admin on December 10th, 2015 in Updates

For the last six months I’ve been working on my newest book which is titled Bootstrap Site Blueprints 2. In the spring Packt Publishing approached me about writing the second edition of this series and I agreed. This has been my first time working with a publisher and it’s been a great experience. The new book is a collection of Bootstrap projects and how to build them. I’ll teach you how to build the following sites using Bootstrap:

  • Bootstrap site boilerplate with Harp.js
  • Restaurant website
  • Mobile first RSS aggregator website
  • Wiki
  • News magazine website
  • Dashboard
  • Social Network

How is the book structured?

The book starts with easier projects and builds on what you learn as you go. I cover the user experience and design of each of the projects, then show you how to build the layouts in Bootstrap. I also go into detail on how to use Less to make the creation of each website’s look and feel easy. Finally, I do some heavy customizations of Bootstrap components to work for each project’s subject matter. This takes much of what I taught you how to do in Mastering Bootstrap and builds on it by providing real world websites that you’ll enjoy building.

The book will be available in print and digital versions later in December. If you’re not already on my newsletter list, you should sign up to get access to a launch discount code. You can sign up at the top of this page.┬áIn the near future I’ll have more details about the release and some sample content. For now, check out the first edition of the book on Amazon if you’d like to learn more.